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IHCA supports the Joint Oireachtas Committee’s recommendations on the Future of Mental Health Care

[ Thursday, 26th April 2018 ]

Thursday, 26th April 2018: The Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) has today strongly welcomed the Joint Committee’s recommendations on the Future of Mental Health Care, as they are essential to provide much improved and more timely care to those who depend on the current under-resourced Mental Health Services.

Dr Donal O’Hanlon, IHCA Vice President and Consultant Psychiatrist, said: “The IHCA strongly supports the report in that it has set out clear action points to address the factors that are adversely impacting on the delivery of timely services. He said that it highlights clear goals which are important for the development of the Mental Health Service in accordance with ‘’A Vision for Change’’ – the mental health policy which was published over a decade ago but has not been resourced sufficiently.’’

Dr O’Hanlon said that it is clear that more investment is required in front-line services and the recruitment of more Consultant Psychiatrists. He said that the Committee had acknowledged the difficulties in the recruitment of consultants due to the fact that Ireland is no longer competitive because the State and health service employers have been persistently and blatantly in breach of the 2008 Consultant Contract over the past decade. ‘’This is the root cause of the problem together with the discriminatory terms the State imposed on new entrant hospital consultants since 2012.’’

The IHCA Vice President said that the report highlights the shortcomings in many areas of the service that the Association and Consultant Psychiatrists have identified in numerous pre-budget submissions, including the under resourcing of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and throughout all of the mental health service areas.

Dr O’Hanlon said that it is vital that the Committee continues this important work and ensures that these issues are addressed. The IHCA looks forward to working with the Health Committee in improving Mental Health Services.


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