CareCantWait Adverts

The Association is escalating its #CareCantWait campaign that has been active on Twitter since June last year.

We have commenced a national and local advertising campaign in the print and online media in January and February to highlight the consequences of the shortage of hospital consultants and public acute hospital beds.

Government inaction on these pressing issues has resulted in 118,367 patients being treated on trolleys in 2019 and over 1 million people on waiting lists for treatment. People on these unacceptable waiting lists are deteriorating clinically and presenting in Emergency Departments for care. 

It is important that you make your views known to the elected representatives in your area on the shortage of beds and consultants in your hospital and the extremely damaging impact this is having on patients.

Support the CARECANTWAIT campaign by making your views known to your elected representatives through Twitter, email and letter.

Copies of the recent advertisements and editorial coverage in the national and local press can be viewed and enlarged by clicking on the Image Gallery on this page.

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