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Improving the Irish Health Service

The Irish Hospital Consultants Association was established to promote and support the advancement of the practice of medicine, in all specialties and areas, and to advocate for the improvement of health services in Ireland.

Brief History

Initial steps to establish the IHCA were taken in 1988. Hospital consultants at that time felt that their views and concerns were not being adequately represented by existing representative bodies and so formed their own Association.

Since then the organisation has thrived, representing members’ interests in contractual and broader medico-political matters. It is also steadfast in its advocacy of patients’ interests.

The Association currently represents 95% of hospital consultants in the Irish health service. It is the only representative body in Ireland that speaks solely for hospital consultants.

Core Values

The Association was founded with the twin aims of advocating for timely, high quality care for patients and providing representation for Consultants.

With regard to its main objectives, the Association is mandated to:

  • Promote, encourage and support the advancement of the practice of medicine in all specialities and areas and the improvement of health services in Ireland.
  • Promote, protect and assist by all lawful means, the rights and interests of Medical or Dental Hospital Consultants in Ireland.
  • Represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions of members on matters affecting the professional interests of Hospital Consultants and the organisation, administration and management of Health Services.
  • Promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the rights and interests of Hospital Consultants and to petition the Oireachtas and public bodies and provide deputations on matters affecting such rights and interests. 
  • Offer to its members in their capacity as practising clinicians such assistance as may be appropriate in an attempt to resolve disputes between members acting in their capacity as clinical practitioners and/or clinical managers and employers.

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