IHCA responds to decision to hire additional public health staff and government approval to draft new legislation

By dara
Wednesday, 30th September 2020
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Commenting on the two measures signalled by government today—the decision to hire additional public health staff and Cabinet approval to draft new legislation which will impact on the delivery of healthcare—Professor Alan Irvine, President of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) said: 

On public health staffing:

“The move to hire 250 additional doctors, nurses and scientists to help in the fight against COVID-19 is very welcome. Additional public health staff are essential, particularly in enhancing testing, contact tracing and complex case management. It is important however that we are clear with people that these extra resources, while much needed for management of our COVID response, will unfortunately have limited to little impact for non-COVID care, including the 840,000 people on waiting lists or on daily hospital pressures”.

On the proposed legislation and negotiations, Professor Irvine said:  

“Consultants have continued to highlight the capacity deficits in our hospitals and have put forward practical solutions that will significantly reduce waiting times for patients. To achieve this, there is an urgent need to fill the existing 500 vacant hospital consultant posts, end pay discrimination, and accelerate the delivery of new hospital beds.

“We are seeing how dependent our society and economy are on frontline healthcare professionals. Discussions that agree practical and workable solutions are essential if we are to deliver for all who depend on our health system.”


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