IHCA Statement on new Consultant Contract

By dara
Tuesday, 7th March 2023
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Comment by spokesperson for Irish Hospital Consultants Association 

“Time will tell as to the effectiveness or not of this new contract. Ultimately, its ability to meaningfully address record patient waiting times, fill the 900 vacant Consultant posts, and improve the daily working experiences of all Consultants will be the acid tests. 
“While the employer has moved to talk-up its significance, those of us grappling with the system day-to-day can be forgiven for having reservations. The reality is that there are simply not enough Consultants to meet the increasing demands. We are working with 40% less Consultants in Ireland compared to the EU average. Under this new contract, we face being stretched even further with no clarity on how it will attract and retain the additional Consultants our patients need.  
“These reservations are reflected in the views of our members who we have surveyed in recent days (65% response rate). 73% of our public contract respondents said they are more likely to remain on their current contract rather than take-up the new one. 67% of specialist trainee respondents say they are less likely or not influenced to stay in Ireland to take-up this new contract. 77% of respondents currently practising abroad indicated they are less likely or not influenced to return to Ireland based on this new contract. 73% overall are not confident that the new contract will address the Consultant recruitment and retention crisis.   
“The final decision on whether or not to take-up this new contract is now a matter for individual Consultants. As we have done throughout, the Association will continue to support our members at home and abroad in this regard. We remain committed to playing a proactive role in the pursuit of enhancing our health service for the betterment of patients, Consultants, and all healthcare professionals.” 
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