12th February 2020

Statement: Hospital consultants express concerns over long-term commitment to funding women’s health services

IHCA President, Dr Donal O’Hanlon: “The findings of HIQA’s monitoring report on maternity services today outlines a familiar story with our health services – a promising national launch of a health strategy, but a lack of follow through.
12th February 2020

Women in western counties being deprived of specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service

IHCA President, Dr Donal O’Hanlon: “The findings of HIQA’s monitoring report on maternity services today outlines a familiar story with our health services – a promising launch of a national health strategy, but a lack of follow through.
12th February 2020

Statement by the Irish Hospital Consultants Association on the publication of the Irish National ICU Audit Report

Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia, Dr Tom Ryan: “The Irish National Intensive Care Unit Audit Report today comes as no surprise to those of us who are working on the front-line of our health service. The impact of under-resourced and understaffed Intensive Care Units (ICUs) is felt on a daily basis. 
4th February 2020

IHCA Statement on Hospital Overcrowding Figures Published 4 February 2020

IHCA President, Dr Donal O’Hanlon: “One month into the new year and we are facing the same issues as ever before. It feels as though politicians are almost immune to the numbers at this stage, and this is a huge concern to hospital consultants.
16th January 2020

Consultants put forward practical workable solutions to address the overwhelming public hospital capacity deficits causing unacceptable waiting lists and trolley crisis, at talks with Minister

Hospital consultants appeal to Minister Harris, at face-to-face talks, to immediately address bed and consultant shortages;  Consultants seek Fine Gael and the Minister for Health’s commitment to open 800 public hospital beds within two years and fast-track an additional 2,600 hospital beds by end 2025; The Minister for Health must commit to and resource a maximum waiting time of four hours for patients presenting at Emergency Departments to be admitted to an inpatient bed if needed, discharged home or transferred to an appropriate service;  The Minister must also commit to and resource a maximum waiting time of 18 weeks following a GP referral for a consultant outpatient appointment and for inpatient/day-case public hospital treatment; End failed Government policy of consultant pay discrimination that has caused 500 unfilled permanent consultant posts and added to the misery of one million people waiting for treatment and hundreds languishing on trolleys daily. IHCA President Dr. Donal O’Hanlon: “At today’s meeting, front line hospital consultants appealed to Minister Harris to put politics aside and patients first, by committing to effective targets to deliver timely care to patients which at least match those in the NHS. The delivery of effective targets will require the implementation of practical workable solutions that the IHCA has recommended for years. 
10th January 2020

Consultants call for all options to be considered before essential surgery cancelled at Cork, Kerry, Waterford hospitals

Need for greater dialogue between hospital management and surgical and medical consultant teams to minimise cancellations of essential and urgent surgery; Cancer patients amongst those impacted by the decision to cancel all planned procedures.  IHCA President, Dr Donal O’Hanlon:
10th January 2020

Government misses end of year targets on waiting lists by thousands

43,000 more people on outpatient waiting list than end of year target; 6,500 more patients on inpatient/day case waiting list than Government’s own target for 2019; 137,850 people added to the outpatient waiting list since the Government first took office in May 2016, which is a 33% increase; Despite spending €5m NTPF funding for 5,000 gastrointestinal scopes, the number of patients waiting for endoscopies has increased by almost 3,400 instead of decreasing by 2,300 target. Dr Donal O’Hanlon, IHCA President said: “The Government has failed to meet any of its targets on waiting lists by the end of 2019, despite €75 million NTPF spending. The consultant recruitment and retention crisis, with over 500 permanent consultant posts unfilled, is a key factor in the long wait times patients face. The discrimination against new consultants must be ended to fill the large number of permanent vacant consultant posts and expand hospital consultant staffing which is the lowest in the EU adjusted for population.”
9th January 2020

Consultants call on Minister Harris to reverse decision to deliver 40% fewer beds by 2021

National Development Plan in 2018 promised 780 additional hospital beds by end 2021, but later reduced number to 480 beds in 2019 Capital Plan; Over 118,000 patients were forced to wait on trolleys during 2019, peaking to 760 patients in one day in January 2020; Government must now commit to fast tracking and funding the total 2,600 additional beds in the NDP much earlier in view of the trolley and waiting list crises.  IHCA President, Dr. Donal O’Hanlon: “Huge swathes of our acute public hospital services are effectively now shut down. 
7th January 2020

Decision to cancel all elective surgery at Cork hospitals poorly thought-out

Failure to recognise that Cork cancelled elective surgery is essential surgery; Regional hospitals and patients suffering as Minister says promised additional beds not due until end of the month;  Irish hospital consultants do not support actions which undermine timely, high-quality care for vulnerable patients; Vulnerable patients, such as those with cancer, requiring time sensitive treatment impacted by the decision.  The Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) which represents over 90% of hospital consultants has warned that the decision yesterday (Monday, 6 January 2019) to cancel all elective surgery at Cork hospitals will have severe knock-on consequences for patient health outcomes. 
2nd January 2020

IHCA statement on annual hospital overcrowding figures for 2019: Government must make overcrowding a thing of the past

Over 118,000 admitted patients treated on trolleys due to the increasing bed shortage in overcrowded public hospitals;  Just 2 days into the new year and the situation in public hospitals is worse than ever before;   Reacting to new figures released today, hospital consultants call on Government to make 2020 the year for the provision of public hospital care without current unacceptable delays by implementing practical solutions to resolve growing hospital capacity deficits.  IHCA President, Donal O’Hanlon: “The record numbers of people waiting for a public hospital outpatient appointments and admitted patients waiting on trolleys for a bed have been a reality for too long and must become a thing of the past. Growing bed capacity shortages and consultant vacancies must be addressed immediately if we are to make real changes in 2020.”
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